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back painArguably, your spine consists of the most important bones in your body, so when things go wrong with it you need to take very good care that you are in the hands of someone who is a specialist in the spine and spinal cord. San Antonio Chiropractor, Rivercity Spine & Wellness has the team of experts that you need.

It is important to understand that many things can go wrong with the spine, some very severe, and others not so traumatic. People can find so many ways to cause it injury. Auto accidents are one obvious cause, when whiplash is involved, but it could be a fall in the shower, falling downstairs, playing football, injuries in the workplace, acts of violence, and many more. When something does go wrong you need the services of a specialist San Antonio chiropractor.

Sometimes there is an obvious problem immediately after whatever caused the trauma, but on other occasions, the problem may only become apparent some weeks, or even months, down the line. In the latter case, the trouble may be mis-diagnosed by an ordinary medical practitioner, which is why you should always see a specialist when you have back pain, even if it is some months since you had the accident.

Spinal injuries are divided into two broad categories, high energy and low energy. Something such as a very low speed collision where a vehicle is stationary, and the other one is travelling at less than 5 mph would be classed as low energy, and these can cause lower back pain or whiplash. However, a high speed accident where someone was flung out of the car would be high energy. Telling your chiropractor as much as you can remember about what happened will help him to make the correct diagnosis.

Something else that will affect the outcome of any accident will also be the condition of the bones in the first place. Someone with osteoporosis, for instance, will be at much greater risk of bone damage.

Low back injuries also affect different parts of the spine. For instance, it may be the bones which are damaged, the muscles, the ligaments, or the disks. Each of these needs different treatment, and some will take longer than others to heal.

There are different grades of severity of the injury. In some cases, there is a simple compression fracture, where the bone collapses in on itself. In others, pieces of bone might fly outward damaging nerves, muscles, and the spinal cord.

Fortunately, many low back injuries do not affect the spinal cord, but rather affect the nerves. However, if the lowest part of the spinal cord is affected, it can cause trouble with bladder and bowel movements, and can also cause sexual dysfunction.

As can readily be seen, any injuries to the back need the attention of a specialist San Antonio chiropractor who can assess the damage and decide upon the best course to follow. Rivercity Spine & Wellness has the staff and the expertise to diagnose and treat your back problems in the most appropriate manner.

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