Benefits of Spinal Care and Wellness Services

Benefits of Chiropractic Spinal Care and Wellness Services

chiroA spinal injury can be one of the worst injuries to go through. When we consider the lot of dangers associated with it, we realize that it needs immediate intervention. A major setback to the normal routine, an injury to the spine can result in paralysis in the worst cases, and can also get you disabled and confined to the house for the rest of your life. Spinal care and wellness should take a very important place in your normal health regime.

At Rivercity Spine & Wellness, San Antonio Chiropractic Clinic, we are able to give you that extra attention and care which spinal injuries require.

Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury can make you go through the most excruciating pain you might experience in your life time. This can be the result of the trauma and not the disease. A spinal cord injury has varied symptoms depending upon the damage to the nerve roots. This injury causes excruciating pain or it can go to the extent of causing paralysis. Top San Antonio Chiropractors trust Rivercity Spine & Wellness is the right place to go to in the initial stages itself to get quick relief.


The treatment starts with restraining of the spinal cord and trying to get rid of the inflammation, if any. This requires substantial physical therapy; a spinal cord injury is tended to at this clinic with utmost care and patience.

Auto Accidents

An auto accident, which can lead to an extremely serious injury to the spinal cord, is attended to at our Spinal Care and Wellness centre with utmost patience and care. The possible injuries related to an auto accident could be:

1. Head injury.

2. Neck injury.

3. Hands and legs injuries.

4. Fatal injuries to the functions of the body

If you witness any of these incidents keep try to keep a cool head and contact The San Antonio Chiropractic Clinic immediately. You can go for all the basic tests required to check your current physical abilities compared to the previous.

Our San Antonio Chiropractors will immediately take over and test the physical status and decide the next course of action with their experienced and professional staff. The caring staff of San Antonio Chiropractors will save you from major setbacks in your health by making sure that the status of your injury is clearly known.

San Antonio Chiropractor

A chiropractor is the one who uses alternate line of treatment to treat your back problems, or any problems related to the joints and muscles for that matter. They work on the theory that a proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure will help the body in self-healing instead of going through the complications of surgery. This treatment can be used along with the other treatments which are appropriate for the healing.

By giving the highest level of importance to your discomfort, the Chiropractor at the San Antonio Chiropractic clinic assures you of great relief from that excruciating pain you go through. We welcome you to visit our Spinal Care and Wellness center at San Antonio with its caring staff from the chiropractor to the front office manager dedicated to your comfort and well being.