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San Antonio Auto Accident ChiropractorJust like other major cities in Texas, auto accidents and other types of vehicle accidents that can cause pain and injury happen in San Antonio. In some cases, the damage, discomfort, and pain caused by these accidents can be helped through chiropractic treatments performed by your San Antonio chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment might be your best choice if you want non-surgical, non-drug remedies to your back and neck chronic pain.

Did You Know?
For the years 1994-2013 in San Antonio:

… the worst month for accidents that resulted in a fatality was . . . December. (The second worst month was October.)

… the day of the week with the most accidents leading to a fatality was . . . Sunday. (The day with the second largest number of accidents with a fatality was Monday. The least fatal day was Wednesday.)

In 2013:
… the day of the week with the most accidents leading to a death was . . . Saturday, with 614 crashes (the second worst day was Sunday with 507 crashes.)

… the day of the week with the most non-fatal accidents was . . . Friday, with 75,669 crashes (the second worst day was Thursday, with 64,908 crashes.)

… the worst month for non-fatal crashes was October, with 40,454 crashes (the second worst month was November, with 39,368 crashes)

… the worst time of day for non-fatal crashes was between 5:00 and 5:59 pm, with 36,732 crashes (the second worst time of day was an hour earlier, from 4:00 to 4:59 pm).

… the number of crashes in San Antonio that involved a DUI was . . . 2,103.

… the total number of crashes combined for Texas’ cities and towns involving a DUI was . . . .18,113.

… That means that the DUI crashes in San Antonio accounted for . . . 11.6% of all the DUI crashes in Texas in 2013.

… 167 people died from a San Antonio crash.

… San Antonio had 34,858 crashes, while the combined total of crashes for all cities and towns in Texas was 348,081 crashes, giving San Antonio 10% of all the crashes occurring in a Texan city or town that year.

… Of the San Antonio crashes, 3,707 resulted in serious injury while 7,905 resulted in other injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accidents in San Antonio Texas

With thousands of auto injuries resulting from auto accidents in San Antonio alone, not to mention the surrounding areas, you can imagine how many people might benefit from chiropractic treatments. In addition to auto or motorcycle accidents, other injuries might lead to problems that can also be helped by seeing a San Antonio chiropractor. The list of causes is almost endless, from falling off a ladder, to being tackled in a football game, from tripping and landing wrong, to a pinched nerve.

Wouldn’t you rather receive natural treatments that help your body heal itself rather swallowing drugs that don’t solve the problem, but only cover the pain. Chiropractic treatments have the potential to help many of the people in Texas. You might be one of them.

If you haven’t already, call or visit River City Spine & Wellness to ask them how our San Antonio Auto Accident Chiropractor can help you! If you’re suffering from a recent Auto Accident, call our friendly staff at River City Spine & Wellness and put the pain behind you. Call (210) 699-1002 today!

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