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Chiropractic Treatment: Chronic Pain from an Auto Injury Accident

Chronic Pain from an Auto Injury Accident Chiropractic

The most common injuries in an auto injury are brain and head injuries, spinal cord impacts, neck injury, back injuries, facial injury and psychological trauma, which is mostly present in every case. There can be a multitude of impacts in each of the above categories and one might be fatal, whereas the other can be very minute. However, it is impossible to ignore the possibility of any other muscle injury because practically the nature of an impact also matters the most. Chiropractic sessions and massage therapies from your San Antonio Chiropractor, have been found to be most successful because they naturally alleviate the root causes.

Chiropractic is a health care profession dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system. Generally, chiropractors maintain a unique focus on spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures.

Auto Injury & Chronic Pain

The ones that are the most suitable for a chiropractic treatment is a spinal cord auto injury that can again vary in severity from mild to critical. The damages can be caused by displacement of the bone fragments, disc material, bruise and tear of spinal cord ligaments and tissues. Sometimes, even after surgeries, doctors recommend a chiropractor a few sessions for better relief and faster recovery. The most common of the injuries are whiplash and chronic back pain.

• It is often recommended, in light of recent discoveries, that the patients can immediately refer a chiropractor if they suffer from chronic ligament or soft-tissue pain like a whiplash. It is a necessity because continued negligence on the pretext of consultation only if the medications fail, might lead to a greater risk of health issues if the auto injury is not treated soon.

• The course of treatment depends on the type and severity of the auto injury and it can take from a month long treatment to six months of regular sessions for complete recovery. As, these chronic pain might reappear irregularly, it is also important to extend the sessions after immediate recovery.
Insurance Claim Interference
The previous claims of requiring a physician’s reference only, by the insurance companies are found to interfere with the health of patients on the long run. Delayed treatment can also result in minimal effects on the recovery.

• The chiropractic treatment is the immediate solution for various minor injuries like sprains, muscle contractions, strains and mild to severe whiplash. This is sure to bring some relief to insurance companies, however, the major injuries are still covered if not by chiropractic treatment.

• In conditions like brain injuries, internal injuries, psychological treatment, head injuries, facial recovery, the insurance claims should still cover because they will require immediate medical attention and may or may not be followed by a chiropractor treatment.

Whiplash accounts for more than a million insurance claims every year and with the new laws reprimanding the need of a physician’s reference for chiropractic treatment gives hope for healthier outcomes of the new patients, hopefully lesser the better. Overall, various auto injuries like the most common ones, as identified statistically, can be immediately consulted for chiropractic treatment. If you are not aware if the insurance claims cover such treatment, consult with them immediately or ask your physician for fast assessment and reference.

If you suffer from chronic pain from an auto injury accident, contact Rivercity Spine & Wellness, your San Antonio Chiropractor. To get pain relief from Chronic Pain from an Auto Injury Accident call (210) 941-1900 to speak with our clinic staff today!

San Antonio Auto Accident Chiropractor: Get The Right Treatment

San Antonio Auto Accident Chiropractor

San Antonio Auto Accident ChiropractorJust like other major cities in Texas, auto accidents and other types of vehicle accidents that can cause pain and injury happen in San Antonio. In some cases, the damage, discomfort, and pain caused by these accidents can be helped through chiropractic treatments performed by your San Antonio chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment might be your best choice if you want non-surgical, non-drug remedies to your back and neck chronic pain.

Did You Know?
For the years 1994-2013 in San Antonio:

… the worst month for accidents that resulted in a fatality was . . . December. (The second worst month was October.)

… the day of the week with the most accidents leading to a fatality was . . . Sunday. (The day with the second largest number of accidents with a fatality was Monday. The least fatal day was Wednesday.)

In 2013:
… the day of the week with the most accidents leading to a death was . . . Saturday, with 614 crashes (the second worst day was Sunday with 507 crashes.)

… the day of the week with the most non-fatal accidents was . . . Friday, with 75,669 crashes (the second worst day was Thursday, with 64,908 crashes.)

… the worst month for non-fatal crashes was October, with 40,454 crashes (the second worst month was November, with 39,368 crashes)

… the worst time of day for non-fatal crashes was between 5:00 and 5:59 pm, with 36,732 crashes (the second worst time of day was an hour earlier, from 4:00 to 4:59 pm).

… the number of crashes in San Antonio that involved a DUI was . . . 2,103.

… the total number of crashes combined for Texas’ cities and towns involving a DUI was . . . .18,113.

… That means that the DUI crashes in San Antonio accounted for . . . 11.6% of all the DUI crashes in Texas in 2013.

… 167 people died from a San Antonio crash.

… San Antonio had 34,858 crashes, while the combined total of crashes for all cities and towns in Texas was 348,081 crashes, giving San Antonio 10% of all the crashes occurring in a Texan city or town that year.

… Of the San Antonio crashes, 3,707 resulted in serious injury while 7,905 resulted in other injuries.

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accidents in San Antonio Texas

With thousands of auto injuries resulting from auto accidents in San Antonio alone, not to mention the surrounding areas, you can imagine how many people might benefit from chiropractic treatments. In addition to auto or motorcycle accidents, other injuries might lead to problems that can also be helped by seeing a San Antonio chiropractor. The list of causes is almost endless, from falling off a ladder, to being tackled in a football game, from tripping and landing wrong, to a pinched nerve.

Wouldn’t you rather receive natural treatments that help your body heal itself rather swallowing drugs that don’t solve the problem, but only cover the pain. Chiropractic treatments have the potential to help many of the people in Texas. You might be one of them.

If you haven’t already, call or visit River City Spine & Wellness to ask them how our San Antonio Auto Accident Chiropractor can help you! If you’re suffering from a recent Auto Accident, call our friendly staff at River City Spine & Wellness and put the pain behind you. Call (210) 699-1002 today!

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Spinal Care San Antonio: Eliminating Lower Back Pain

Spinal Care San Antonio: River City Spine & Wellness

lower back pain - spinal care

Spinal Care: Eliminate Lower Back Pain To Enjoy Life Once Again

Lower back pain may not be fatal, but its effects can slowly drain the life out of you. The feeling of discomfort, it creates can be sharp and sudden or it may a persistent ache. Either way the pain will make it difficult to carry out even the simplest movement.

More often than not, many people who experience lower back pain tend to disregard their discomfort. In fact, many may even consider it as just a momentary tenderness and pop a pain killer. Though this could give some relief, it will not provide lasting results.

Various causes of lower back pain

Lower back pain can be attributed to various reasons. More often than not, the problem is mechanical. As the body ages, the discs along the spine breakdown. Because of this its ability to suppress the impact of movement is limited thus causing pain.

People with poor physical health are also prone to back pain. In particular, people who are overweight are at risk of experiencing this more often. Their additional weight will place additional pressure on the back.

Genetics can also be a factor. Some people inherit genetic conditions that affect the spine. Other times, pain may be cause by certain diseases like cancer or arthritis.

For many people, their pain may have developed due to the specific nature of their work. This is true for many office employees who sit at their desks for several hours a day.

Is it time to visit your Chiropractor?

However, it is important to note that most cases are indicative of a more serious medical condition. As such, proper diagnosis is required to determine the underlying cause and its appropriate Chiropractic treatment.

A visit to the Chiropractor becomes imperative when any of the following conditions manifest themselves.

  • Serious pain that persists even after resting
  • After a spinal injury, such as a fall
  • A tingling sensation
  • Pain that is accompanied by fever, sudden weight loss, or weakness

In most cases, traditional treatments may dictate the use of prescription drugs. Unfortunately, this in itself raises more concerns. Though it may benefit a patient at first, it may not be enough to counter persistent pain.

If left unchecked, a patient may develop tolerance for pain medication. Because of this the patient may require a higher dosage than before. As a result, addiction to prescription drugs would be a likely complication.

Chiropractic spinal care can treat back pain

Chiropractic spinal care has been available to people for a long time. This particular form of treatment is sought by many as a way to manage their health properly. At the same time, it affords patients with an alternative form of therapy that is drug-free.

San Antonio spinal care is specifically pursued by people who experience lower back pain from spinal injury. Our San Antonio Chiropractor will asses your situation to properly diagnose and make it easier to manage lower back pain.

The focus of San Antonio spinal care treatments is the manipulation and realignment of the spine. In doing so, strain on the central nervous system is relieved. Furthermore, it will encourage the innate healing powers of the body to kick in.

Eliminating back pain through the help of San Antonio Chiropractor, River City Spine & Wellness may take several visits over a period of time. Nevertheless, chiropractic treatment will provide the essential therapy you need to a life without suffering from continuous lower back pain. Learn more and visit our San Antonio Chiropractor & Chiropractic Clinic – Call (210) 699-1002 today!

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San Antonio Chiropractor Reveals 3 Simple Steps to Eliminate Lower Back Pain

lower back pain

Lower Back Pain San Antonio

Almost everybody has suffered from lower back pain at one point in their lives no matter what age. Whether it’s because of an injury, sleeping with bad posture or on an uncomfortable mattress, poor upright posture, and the list could on and on.

Today, even though technology is constantly evolving, it hasn’t really given our backs a break. Living in the information age, we rely on computers to do our jobs. Many of us sit in an office setting all day long with our eyes glued to the computer screen and our backs hunched over the keyboard as we type away. And when the pain comes, it seems as if the more we attempt to alleviate our back pain, the more it hurts. That’s because we suddenly we become conscious of the pain and focus all of our energy on it.

Does all of this seem familiar to you?

Chances are if you don’t suffer from this yourself, you know somebody that does. What you may not know is that most lower back pain is caused by poor habits and the solution to these problems is quite simple. By applying some small changes into your life and your daily routine, you will be able to alleviate, if not, eliminate your back problems. That is why our San Antonio Chiropractor at Rivercity Spine & Wellness, lower back pain San Antonio came up with 3 simple steps that you can start implementing today.

San Antonio Lower Back Pain Awareness

1) Develop Good Posture – This is one of the hardest things to do, especially for those who work in an office environment. By taking consciousness of your slouching nature, you should try your best to avoid staying in one posture for prolonged periods of time. In this setting, when possible, stand up and perform a couple of stretches to loosen up some of the tension on your lower back muscles, resulting in lower back pain. When not sitting, always strive to stand tall and walk tall. This helps to maintain the spinal curves in its natural physiological position.

2) Lower Back Awareness – You should always be aware of the things you do that can have a detrimental impact on your lower back. For example: while lifting something heavy from ground, you should always try to keep your back straight by bending your knees, tightening your core, and applying force to your legs. Basically, do a squat. This way you transfer the weight to your legs and take away all of the pressure and stress that would have previously been placed on your backs, avoiding lower back pain.

3) Clothing – It is very important that you pay attention to your clothing. The best thing you can do for “back health” is wear comfortable clothing that fits you well and does not restrain any type of body movement. When possible, you should always opt for broad cushioned footwear because they support the normal arch of the feet. As often as possible, avoid flat footwear or high heels, as these lead to abnormal weight distribution to the knees and back, causing stress by putting your feet in an abnormal posture.

San Antonio, You Don’t Have To Live With Lower Back Pain

If we adopt at least three of these measures, it will help delay the aging process of your spine and keep it in perfect health. However, if you do start to suffer from lower back pain and neck pain, stop by our San Antonio Chiropractor and see one of our highly renowned San Antonio Chiropractic Clinic to help you find relief from your Lower Back Pain. Call Your San Antonio Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Clinic Today! (210) 941-1900

Taking Care Of The Most Important Bones In Your Body

San Antonio Chiropractor | Rivercity Spine & Wellness, San Antonio, TX

back painArguably, your spine consists of the most important bones in your body, so when things go wrong with it you need to take very good care that you are in the hands of someone who is a specialist in the spine and spinal cord. San Antonio Chiropractor, Rivercity Spine & Wellness has the team of experts that you need.

It is important to understand that many things can go wrong with the spine, some very severe, and others not so traumatic. People can find so many ways to cause it injury. Auto accidents are one obvious cause, when whiplash is involved, but it could be a fall in the shower, falling downstairs, playing football, injuries in the workplace, acts of violence, and many more. When something does go wrong you need the services of a specialist San Antonio chiropractor.

Sometimes there is an obvious problem immediately after whatever caused the trauma, but on other occasions, the problem may only become apparent some weeks, or even months, down the line. In the latter case, the trouble may be mis-diagnosed by an ordinary medical practitioner, which is why you should always see a specialist when you have back pain, even if it is some months since you had the accident.

Spinal injuries are divided into two broad categories, high energy and low energy. Something such as a very low speed collision where a vehicle is stationary, and the other one is travelling at less than 5 mph would be classed as low energy, and these can cause lower back pain or whiplash. However, a high speed accident where someone was flung out of the car would be high energy. Telling your chiropractor as much as you can remember about what happened will help him to make the correct diagnosis.

Something else that will affect the outcome of any accident will also be the condition of the bones in the first place. Someone with osteoporosis, for instance, will be at much greater risk of bone damage.

Low back injuries also affect different parts of the spine. For instance, it may be the bones which are damaged, the muscles, the ligaments, or the disks. Each of these needs different treatment, and some will take longer than others to heal.

There are different grades of severity of the injury. In some cases, there is a simple compression fracture, where the bone collapses in on itself. In others, pieces of bone might fly outward damaging nerves, muscles, and the spinal cord.

Fortunately, many low back injuries do not affect the spinal cord, but rather affect the nerves. However, if the lowest part of the spinal cord is affected, it can cause trouble with bladder and bowel movements, and can also cause sexual dysfunction.

As can readily be seen, any injuries to the back need the attention of a specialist San Antonio chiropractor who can assess the damage and decide upon the best course to follow. Rivercity Spine & Wellness has the staff and the expertise to diagnose and treat your back problems in the most appropriate manner.

How to Select A Suitable Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in San Antonio

“How to Select A Suitable Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in San Antonio”

Good health is the key to a happy and energetic life; hence it is important that we maintain our health. But for several reasons health is disturbed leading to painful and unhappy experiences. Pain is one such thing that we come across in our everyday life. Whatever may be the reason behind the type of pain, it prevents us from living our life to the fullest. There are several ways to treat pain; however, complete elimination takes time. Chiropractic Wellness Clinics in San Antonio specialize in treating pain positively.

Visiting a good professional chiropractor can help immensely to eradicate pain and enjoy optimum health. Such “pain specialists” in San Antonio take up a different approach for each and every case. For every patient such specialists explore their medical history to find out the root cause of the pain and then proceed to treat the entire issue. As a result the natural balance of health is restored without any trace of pain.

Why a Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in San Antonio:

Chiropractic Wellness Clinics are boon to the people of San Antonio, as these clinics help in maintaining healthy and substantial life. San Antonio hosts the best Chiropractors available in the country and there are several chiropractic wellness clinics to register with. A patient can research about each clinic and can even have a conversation with chiropractors regarding his problems and wellness without getting any money matter involved. After the consultation, a patient can choose a clinic which provides him with maximum satisfaction.

What exactly to look for in Chiropractic Wellness Clinics in San Antonio:

Chiropractic services involve restoring the natural health and functionality of the spine and nervous system of the body by stimulating the entire system. Make sure you go for a chiropractor in San Antonio who has a license and has enough experience and positive feedback about the treatment. Check if your doctor does proper neurological tests and examinations on you and after the examination is done you are provided with a detailed report of findings. Based on this report, you can decide on when to begin your treatment and where to get your appointment.

Best Chiropractic Wellness Clinics in San Antonio offer first time counseling with no obligations on your side. The professionals have a friendly approach for each client and offer consulting for finding out the specific approach for each individual. Since through this conversation you get an idea about the specific method of pain elimination for you, you can further do a research and decide which method is best suited for you and which Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in San Antonio to sign up with.

Always go for a clinic that specifies the chiropractic method and the expenditure of the treatment for each individual case. This presents you with clarity and such a wellness clinic is more likely to be a reliable one. As the specific method is previously mentioned, you can be assured that your pain elimination method is going to be fruitful from every single aspect.

Auto Accident Recovery- Getting over the Trauma

Auto Accident Recovery- Getting over the Trauma

painAn auto accident is surely one of the worst accidents to go through. The results could be disastrous because it may lead to multiple physical and mental disorders. Recovering from a physical pain will take some time, but recovering mentally might be a long drawn process and requires a lot of mental strength and willpower.

It is very important to react immediately after the accident because at this stage the physical state is vulnerable. This immediate reaction will prove to be very helpful in the long run. You may have been just an observer, or a pedestrian or a passenger or the driver of the vehicle, but if you are going through symptoms which you feel have affected you mentally, it is very important to see a doctor.

Major or minor, an auto accident can lead to severe mental disorders, like anxiety, fear, and all sorts of phobias. Being traumatic will affect your normal life and will ruin your happiness for a long time. These traumatic situations can lead to emotional imbalance like mentioned below.

  • Denial, shock
  • Irritability, anger
  • Self-blame, shame
  • Worry, anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Mood swings

If there are any of these situations then it needs to be treated effectively, so that a normal and healthy life can be lead at the earliest. Most often, the physical symptoms are tended to very cautiously and given all the time and attention, while emotional or psychological disorders are overlooked which may lead to a very unsatisfying life. Psychological traumas like confusion or not being able to concentrate besides flashbacks can also persist if these are not treated effectively.

Medical help

Even if you think you weren’t injured in an auto accident, you need to see a doctor if you have persistent symptoms from the time of the accident. Not taking things lightly so as to avoid further complications. Few of the persistent physical disorders are as below:

1. Racing heartbeat

2. Insomnia

3. Aches and pains in the muscles

4. Constant headaches or stomach distress

5. Spells of crying

Since everyone responds differently to trauma so give yourself enough time for recovery. Accepting your fears and anxieties and letting them heal at their own time with the proper treatment will help you in getting your life back to normal.

Following the few steps given below might be of some help in the healing process.

  • Keeping a strict routine like a fixed timing for going to work and getting back home on time so as to have sufficient rest and relaxation.
  • Keeping a balanced diet, not allowing yourself to indulge in food that does more harm than good to your physic.
  • Getting the required support from others like talking which will help in a large extent for the healing process and will also help you to get rid of your fears and anxieties.

An auto accident can change your life in split seconds. Getting the right treatment for any physical injury and not neglecting your psychological problems at the same time can get you back on track of leading a normal and healthy life.

Benefits of Spinal Care and Wellness Services

Benefits of Chiropractic Spinal Care and Wellness Services

chiroA spinal injury can be one of the worst injuries to go through. When we consider the lot of dangers associated with it, we realize that it needs immediate intervention. A major setback to the normal routine, an injury to the spine can result in paralysis in the worst cases, and can also get you disabled and confined to the house for the rest of your life. Spinal care and wellness should take a very important place in your normal health regime.

At Rivercity Spine & Wellness, San Antonio Chiropractic Clinic, we are able to give you that extra attention and care which spinal injuries require.

Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury can make you go through the most excruciating pain you might experience in your life time. This can be the result of the trauma and not the disease. A spinal cord injury has varied symptoms depending upon the damage to the nerve roots. This injury causes excruciating pain or it can go to the extent of causing paralysis. Top San Antonio Chiropractors trust Rivercity Spine & Wellness is the right place to go to in the initial stages itself to get quick relief.


The treatment starts with restraining of the spinal cord and trying to get rid of the inflammation, if any. This requires substantial physical therapy; a spinal cord injury is tended to at this clinic with utmost care and patience.

Auto Accidents

An auto accident, which can lead to an extremely serious injury to the spinal cord, is attended to at our Spinal Care and Wellness centre with utmost patience and care. The possible injuries related to an auto accident could be:

1. Head injury.

2. Neck injury.

3. Hands and legs injuries.

4. Fatal injuries to the functions of the body

If you witness any of these incidents keep try to keep a cool head and contact The San Antonio Chiropractic Clinic immediately. You can go for all the basic tests required to check your current physical abilities compared to the previous.

Our San Antonio Chiropractors will immediately take over and test the physical status and decide the next course of action with their experienced and professional staff. The caring staff of San Antonio Chiropractors will save you from major setbacks in your health by making sure that the status of your injury is clearly known.

San Antonio Chiropractor

A chiropractor is the one who uses alternate line of treatment to treat your back problems, or any problems related to the joints and muscles for that matter. They work on the theory that a proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure will help the body in self-healing instead of going through the complications of surgery. This treatment can be used along with the other treatments which are appropriate for the healing.

By giving the highest level of importance to your discomfort, the Chiropractor at the San Antonio Chiropractic clinic assures you of great relief from that excruciating pain you go through. We welcome you to visit our Spinal Care and Wellness center at San Antonio with its caring staff from the chiropractor to the front office manager dedicated to your comfort and well being.